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Republic Commission for Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures (hereinafter Republic Commission) is an independent institution of Republic of Serbia providing protection of rights in public procurement procedures. It was established in 2002, based on Public Procurement Law (“Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia” no. 39/02, 43/03 and other, 55/04, 101/05 and other), but throughout the years it has partially changed its scope of responsibilities, organization and ways of operating, its members and ways its members and president are chosen.

Public Procurement Law (“Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia” no. 124/12) prescribes responsibilities, composition and ways to elect current Republic Commission.

Republic Commission consists of a President and six Members elected for the five year period.

National Assembly of Republic of Serbia on March 26th 2013, on the Second Session of the First Regular Sitting adopted Draft of the Decision for Election of President and Members of Republic Commission, published in “Official Gazette of Republic of Serbia” no. 29 on March 29th 2013, and based on it Sasa Varinac was elected President of Republic Commission, while Hana Hukic, Vesna Stankovic, Vesna Gojkovic Milin, Zeljko Groseta, Branislav Cvetkovic and Ristivoje Djokic were elected members of Republic Commission.